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Details about the isUp.li SSL-Certificate Information

What does the information in my domainlist mean?

  • The symbol shows whether an SSL certificate was recognized on the domain or not.
  • If SSL was recognized, a counter shows the remaining days until the certificate expires.
    • Color states:
      • Grey, closed lock: the SSL-Certificate is still valid for 30+ days (> 30)
      • Yellow, closed lock: the SSL-Certificate is only valid for less than 30 days (< 30)
      • Red, open lock: no valid SSL-Certificate was recognized

Can I get a bit more details about my SSL-Certificate(s)?

Yes, just click on the lock icon. SSL-Certificate Information is only available in Grey or Yellow state (see above).


How often is the SSL-Certificate information updated?

The information about your SSL-Certificates are updated every 6 hours.