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isUp.li | Website Monitoring – Widget for your website

How to activate the widget for an unique server?
  1. Go to: My Domains – My Domainlist – open the unique server to edit
  2. Select “Yes” on External widget activated
  3. Use the Server-ID (4-digit number) to embed the widget on your website
  4. Caution: DO NOT USE THE “Unique Server API key” – it’s your secret – never publish in any way!

Here’s a screenshot of the server edit screen

Widget URL


What can I do with the widget?

With the widgets you are allowed to show the uptime stats on another website.

Are the widgets for every server visible?

No, you can enable or disable the widgets for each website.

How can I add the widget on my website?

With a javascript or PHP code you’re able to show the widget on other websites.

Live-Demo of the Faktor73.de Newsblog widget

Insert by PHP code
   $server = "ID"; // replace this with your server ID
   echo file_get_contents("https://www.isup.li/widget/?id=" . $server);

Insert by Javascript Code (requires jquery)
<script type="text/javascript">
  $( window ).load(function() {
    var server_id = 1; // replace this with your server ID 
    $( "#ServerStats" ).load( "https://www.isup.li/widget/?id=" + server_id);

<div id="ServerStats"></div>
Insert by iFrame

Please edit the “width” of the iFrame to fit your needs. Max. width for widgets are 280px. Please choose a number between 200px and 280px.


<iframe src="https://www.isup.li/widget/?id=[server_id]" style="border: 0; width:250px; height: 425px"></iframe>