What you get.

25 monitors, checked every 3 minutes. Totally free!


  • Intuitive web based interface.
  • Add, edit and manage your servers/websites.
  • World-wide location monitoring.
  • Desktop, E-Mail and mobile (iOS / Android) push notifications.
  • Fast notification time between 1 and 3 minutes per website on issues.
  • Daily statistics (response time, uptime).
  • It’s all free of charge – no credit card or commitment required.

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isUp.li Statistics

Time of capture: January 31, 2018


Daily stats

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We're located in Germany / Europe

Your data is protected by German data protection law.


Your business is global. In addition, we maintain tracking servers in North America/Canada (Montreal), Europe (France, Germany) and Asia-Pacific (Australia, Singapore) to check the global availability of your monitored web servers and applications.

Redundant Datacenter 3

Redundant Datacenter 2

Redundant Datacenter 1

isUp.li Tracking Server: North America / Canada

isUp.li Tracking Server: France

isUp.li Tracking Server: Singapore

isUp.li Tracking Server: Australia

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